• Are you a fast moving consumer goods company?
  • Are you a haulage or logistics company?
  • Do you employ drivers to move your goods and products across the country?
  • Have you had issues of theft/diversion of goods by drivers?
  • Are you having difficulty accessing the driving record of your drivers?

If yes, then DriversCheck™ is for you.

DriversCheck™ is a drivers database where haulage drivers are duly registered and their details updated to make for easy check on their status. Before employing a driver, you should look them up on DriversCheck™ to ensure you are employing a driver whose integrity is guaranteed.


  • The Haulage sector is an integral part of the Nigeria economy, up to 90% of all our consumables are moved by road networks. Drivers are an essential part of this process. As such the quality of the manpower required for good transportation cannot be understated.
  • We are the only organisation specialising in recruitment of truck drivers for the Haulage industry in Nigeria.
  • Our drivercheck application platform has over 2000 Verified Drivers, with each driver going through a series of validation process and basic driver training.
  • Once we deploy a driver, the clients will have access to the drivercheck platform via our secure online portal where they can monitor driver performance
  • Additionally, we have a group life insurance scheme for all Drivers on our platform which continues after client deployment, this has potential to save certain insurance cost for our clients


Verisure DriversCheck™ offers a solution premise on a robust active database of drivers with biometrics; up to date records from shared information by haulage operators, agencies and law enforcement


Current and constant reporting on driver’s activities to give an overall picture of a driver’s professional or work attitude.


Employment information database like guarantor’s current information, Driver’s License check and verification, to determine employability


Allows for easy traceability in the case of theft and locks out offending drivers hence preventing a re-occurrence by such drivers again in the industry.


product is absolutely free to Transporters.



Let DriversCheck™ introduce you to our interactive, fully customizable app - a platform for vetting and checking drivers' records in the industry.


How DriversCheck™ Works

Our business model in a nutshell

  • Populate database
  • Register all existing drivers at a cost and collect required information
  • Verify details
  • Collect/request monthly feedback on drivers
  • Update drivers employment records using monthly reports
  • Provide information on driver(s) record on request for a fee


1What does our product seek to do?
To curb theft/diversion of goods by driver.
2How does our product work?
By creating a database with biometrics of drivers working in the industry and compelling sharing of driver information by operators.
3How does this curb theft?
By culling out drivers with theft record by hot-flagging them on the database so that an enquiry on DriversCheck™ will reveal the driver’s status and determine employability.
By warehousing data inclusive of biometric for all drivers working in the industry, active reporting of drivers’ record by haulage operators, daily updating of records, such that drivers reported for theft are immediately hot-flagged and all information submitted to security operatives for apprehension.
4Who can use our product?
1. Haulage or Logistics companies
2. Consumer goods companies
3. individuals who employ drivers to move goods and products across the country

Are you in need of drivers? We can provide you with Vetted and Verified Drivers


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